Pie-d Piper

It is with regrets that I have to write about a fail so early on in this blog. I made certain promises to myself about this whole endeavor.

  1. Bake something new every week
  2. Make it travel or themed in some way
  3. Tell the truth, even if I screw up everything
  4. Figure out why it didn’t work

Let’s start with the crust. I used this recipe and I regret it. I can start with the mistake of using my favorite kitchen gadget, my KitchenAide Mixer. I managed a shoulder injury a few months ago, so over using my shoulder is very easy. I figured I’d cheat the system a little. Outside of that step and not having wax paper (I used parchment the first time before I gave up and bought wax), I followed the recipe. I had even hoped that the KitchenAide would be better to use since I wouldn’t be adding body heat to the pie crust, because it is important to keep the fat in crust cold in order for it to bake up flaky.


After numerous attempts, it bested me and I accept that. It was terrible trying to get it detached from both types of papers and it finally resulted in me rolling it out with flour and a rolling pin directly. I also tried chilling it between rolling out attempts. It is also worth mentioning that I ended up obviously overworking the dough. In the end, it had no flavor anyway. img_4802

As for the pie…

I didn’t do any traveling since my last post, so I wanted a bit of a Autumn theme. I took a poll on my personal Facebook to have people vote for either pie or donuts. For the record, 63% voted for pie. I had already chosen what recipes I would make depending on what won. I then made sure I had everything I would need for the Southern Brown Sugar Pie.

Again, I used the KitchenAide. Don’t you give me that, you already know why!! Life was really hard without this thing.

My favorite pie pan is a pretty ceramic piece with an ombre green pattern on the outside. I love it. Bought it at an outlet store. Clearance Section. It’s also a deep dish pan. There were contingencies in the recipe that I accounted for though! I baked it for an hour.


The pie did something funny. It didn’t get a soft top that needed to set, like the recipe described. Instead, it formed a hard topped domed look. I honestly sat back for a second and wondered if this would end up being a little bit cakey. I got excited…


Then it cooled and I got irritated!


I was already fed up about the crust. In the crust’s recipe, it says that the crust may or may not be baked beforehand depending on the pie. I’ve never made a baked pie before (you’ll be prying my mom’s no-bake cheesecake recipe out of my cold-dead no-bake hands).


So I tossed the crust in the freezer and poked fork prongs into the bottom before dumping in the filling.

I’m pretty sure I guessed right about only that one part in this whole situation.

Then I cut into the pie, It turned out to be a false top. haha. Seriously, not surprised because I knew exactly what happened and why! This thing ballooned up like something blew directly into it. Oh science...


In the end, the pie tasted pretty good. It was super chewy in a hardened molasses type of way. It made me wonder if it was what a treacle tart tasted like to our favorite scarred boy wizard…a recipe for another time maybe.

You notice how I’m not posting the recipes…the seemingly simply and yet left many unanswered questions recipes…wonder why…




One thought on “Pie-d Piper

  1. Allison

    Noooooo! What a bummer, man! I use an awesome crust recipe from allrecipes for our Thanksgiving pie recipes. It’s dairy-free but ends up being croissant crusty because of the shortening. I really love old recipe books too. They don’t cut corners or calories. One of the best pie recipes I have is from a Southern Living recipe book that I have (bought at a thrift store in Hillsboro!) from 1987. The next recipe will be better! Keep being true and honest! xo

    Allison | Peplums & Pie


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